Demolition in Chicago: The Omega Way

The Illinois Department of Transportation awarded Omega the Outstanding Subcontractor of the Year Award of Excellence for its contribution to the Ohio Feeder Interchange project, which was an incredible honor
Demolition in Chicago

Omega is a privately owned business with a long history of providing demolition services to the city of Chicago. With a team that has accrued over a century of combined experience, we have worked hard over the years to cultivate the level of dedication and skills needed to consistently execute demolition projects safely and efficiently. 

Wacker Drive Removal 

Throughout our tenure in the industry, we have worked on thousands of different transformations, including a variety of notable projects that have allowed us the privilege of working with some of the most prominent businesses in the country.  

One project we are especially proud to have been a part of was the Wacker Drive removal, in which we worked on the demolition and reconstruction of a significant portion of  Upper and Lower Wacker Drive. Working with the Chicago Department of Transportation, the goal of the project was to improve traffic flow, pedestrian safety, accessibility, and overall aesthetics of the iconic Wacker Drive area. With the location being surrounded by skyscrapers, the project involved a high level of complexity that required knowledge of key urban planning principles.

University of Chicago Laboratory School

Another high-profile project we worked on was the phase two expansion and renovation of the University of Chicago Laboratory School. The scope of the project included renovating seven wings of the building complex’s interior, demolishing a section of the complex that served as the Arts wing, modernizing the mechanical systems of the complex, removing the existing floor and ceiling materials, and expanding the crawl space. We also made updates to enhance ADA compliance and added a new fire sprinkler system.  During the process, we worked hard to minimize disruption to the students and staff so the school could remain open during the construction period and made sure to respect the historic significance of the building complex. 

Columbus Hospital Abatement and Demolition

One of our favorite past projects is the Columbus Hospital abatement and building demolition. Originally, Columbus Hospital consisted of several high-rise structures, each ranging from seven to ten stories. Omega performed asbestos abatement for the hospital, removed hazardous materials from the buildings, and also performed demolition on some of the buildings’ foundations, footings, and structural bases. The most challenging part of the project was the hospital’s proximity to Lake Michigan. Omega installed well points and implemented a plan to redirect water during the excavation of below-grade concrete structures. The groundwater management helped the project maintain its completion deadline.

Ohio Feeder Interchange Project

The Ohio Feeder Interchange project is another significant demolition we worked on. For the project, we demolished a massive, 637-foot bridge on the Kennedy Expressway. This was a high-stakes project that improved the safety and functionality of one of the Midwest’s most important transport arteries. The Illinois Department of Transportation awarded Omega the Outstanding Subcontractor of the Year Award of Excellence for its contribution to the Ohio Feeder Interchange project, which was an incredible honor.

As one of the leading Chicago demolition companies, Omega has extensive experience working on high-profile commercial and municipal projects. Whether your project involves complex infrastructure concerns, intricate understanding of urban planning principles, working with a historically significant structure, or other concerns like groundwater management, we have the expertise to deliver outstanding demolition services that prioritize safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction above all else.


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