At Omega, we elevate safety to an unparalleled level, steadfastly committing to safeguarding not only our team but also the public. Our ethos revolves around adhering to and surpassing the loftiest standards in safety and regulatory compliance. 

Our approach to safety is both aggressive and proactive, particularly during the crucial pre-job startup phase of every project. We meticulously plan and address safety concerns before our team steps onto a site, ensuring daily reviews and adjustments as needed. This behavior-based strategy ingrains safety as a core responsibility for each Omega employee.

Education is a cornerstone of our strategy. Omega’s personnel are rigorously trained in all relevant EPA and OSHA regulations and guidelines. Our commitment extends to employing highly skilled professionals, specifically trained and certified in hazardous materials, asbestos, and lead remediation. This training, conducted in strict alignment with EPA and OSHA standards, is a testament to our commitment to excellence

Furthermore, we take a proactive approach to our demolition teams’ training. While not mandated by law, they receive the same level of comprehensive training, equipping them to adeptly handle the most challenging and unforeseen circumstances.

Omega’s health and safety program is designed to mitigate risks through thorough education and preparation. Recognizing the inherent dangers in environmental and demolition work, we ensure that all our workers are equipped with the necessary protective gear and engage in continuous safety education. Our commitment to exceeding client expectations is unwavering, as we consistently aim to go above and beyond OSHA and EPA recommended guidelines, setting new industry benchmarks in safety and reliability.

Expert Demolition Meets Uncompromising Safety



Conducted meticulously before the commencement of each project and thoroughly
discussed with our professional team.


Our specialized equipment undergoes regular maintenance, and we provide comprehensive, in-house training to maintain top safety standards


We provide our staff
with extensive training.
focused specifically on
safety and their respective roles, to ensure the highest level of professional competence.


Our commitment to safety is 3 top-down imperative, rigorously upheld and integrated throughout every level of our organization.


At Omega, we oversee every aspect of the project using our own team of skilled professionals, ensuring consistent quality and expertise

Safety in Demolition: Our Commitment, Your Peace of Mind.

At Omega we have earned the trust of our clients to execute complex demolition projects in demanding environments. This achievement is primarily attributed to our most valuable resource: our committed workforce. Their exceptional dedication, coupled with superior job site practices, enables us to consistently provide safety, efficiency, and value on every project we undertake.