Cline Avenue Highway & Elevated Superstructure Demolition

Project Details


This project consisted of the intricate and carefully orchestrated demolition of over two miles of elevated concrete box girders. Omega employed a diverse array of heavy machinery and techniques, including the use of cranes equipped with wrecking balls, strategically placed explosives for controlled demolition, and powerful hydraulic excavators for dismantling the structures. The complexity of this task was heightened by the need to operate over a range of challenging environments.

Notably, the work was performed over busy roadways, requiring meticulous planning to ensure minimal disruption to traffic. Additionally, the project extended over navigable waters, demanding stringent adherence to environmental and safety regulations. Furthermore, the demolition activity took place above active railroad tracks, which called for synchronized coordination with railway authorities to ensure the safety of the rail operations and workers.

Throughout the project, a keen focus on safety, precision, and minimal environmental impact was maintained, showcasing Omega’s commitment to excellence in challenging Heavy Highway elevated structures.