Columbus Hospital Abatement & Building Demolition

Project Details


The Columbus Hospital site, previously comprising multiple high-rise structures ranging from 7 to 10 stories, underwent a carefully phased asbestos abatement and demolition process. This facility, equipped with its own powerhouse, necessitated a comprehensive approach. Omega’s role encompassed asbestos abatement, the removal of hazardous materials, and the demolition of the buildings, including their foundations, footings, and structural bases. Additionally, Omega managed the removal of Underground Storage Tanks (UST) and conducted soil remediation.

Given the site’s proximity to Lake Michigan, groundwater management presented a significant challenge, particularly during the excavation of below-grade concrete structures. To address this, Omega developed and implemented a strategic plan involving the installation of well points and the redirection of water. This solution was crucial in ensuring the project’s timely completion while adhering to the established schedule.