The Ohio Feeder Interchange – Ramp Cover I-90/94 Kennedy Expressway

Project Details


The Ohio Feeder Interchange project, centered in Chicago, marked a significant milestone in urban infrastructure development with the meticulous demolition of a vital structure: a 637-foot long bridge on the heavily trafficked Kennedy Expressway. This high-stakes project was instrumental in enhancing the safety and functionality of a crucial transport artery, reflecting Omega’s commitment to excellence in construction and demolition.

Acknowledged for its exceptional contribution to the project, Omega was honored with the Outstanding Subcontractor of the Year, Award of Excellence by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). This accolade underscored Omega’s pivotal role and exemplary performance in this complex undertaking.

Demonstrating unparalleled efficiency, our demolition crews completed each phase in about 30 hours through a method termed ‘rapid removal.’ This swift pace showcased our crew’s proficiency and the strategic planning’s effectiveness. The support and oversight from IDOT and the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) were crucial, ensuring the project’s alignment with the highest safety and efficiency standards.

Concluding a week ahead of schedule, the Ohio Feeder Interchange project not only minimized inconvenience to the public and impact on city traffic but also received national recognition for its innovative approach and rapid execution. Omega’s receipt of the Outstanding Subcontractor of the Year Award of Excellence from IDOT for this project highlights the collaborative efforts and capabilities in executing large-scale urban infrastructure projects.