US Route 248 Lehigh Phopoco Bridge

Project Details


Omega successfully completed a significant project involving the dismantling of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Bridge, which spanned across the Lehigh River and Pohopoco Creek. This complex task was carried out with utmost professionalism and efficiency, as Omega managed the intricate process over two distinct water bodies.

A key focus of our project was the safe and thorough removal of asbestos conduit, a critical component of the bridge’s structure. This task was executed with the utmost attention to safety standards and environmental considerations, ensuring a risk-free environment for our team and the surrounding community.

In addition to environmental safety, Omega employed controlled blasting techniques for the removal of specific portions of the bridge. This method not only facilitated a more efficient demolition process but also minimized impact on the nearby aquatic ecosystems.

We are proud to report that this intricate project was completed both on-time and within the allocated budget, reflecting our team’s dedication to meeting project milestones without compromising on quality. This successful completion was achieved in collaboration with Walsh Construction, who entrusted us with this significant endeavor.

At Omega, we are committed to delivering projects that embody our core values of safety, precision, and environmental responsibility. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Bridge project is a prime example of this commitment.