Charles Gerage



General Manager

Chuck Gerage is the General Manager at Omega, bringing over 30 years of invaluable experience in the construction, demolition, and abatement industries. His journey in these sectors is marked by a series of successes and profound expertise, making him a respected figure in the field. Chuck’s role as a leader is deeply rooted in his comprehensive understanding of business dynamics and his ability to seamlessly integrate innovative strategies with traditional practices.

In his extensive career, Chuck has been instrumental in steering Omega through various phases of growth and development. His hands-on approach in every facet of the business, from detailed project estimating to strategic executive-level management, ensures that Omega operates with efficiency and precision. Chuck’s commitment to excellence is evident in his active involvement in key operational areas, including client relations, staff development, and overseeing large-scale projects.

Under Chuck’s stewardship, Omega has evolved into a thriving entity, known for its quality services and customer-centric approach. His dedication and commitment are mirrored in the company’s culture, fostering a work environment that values collaboration, innovation, and the continuous professional growth of its employees. This culture has not only benefited the Omega team but has also extended to building lasting relationships with clients, characterized by trust, reliability, and outstanding service delivery.

Chuck’s leadership is a driving force behind Omega’s success, embodying a blend of industry knowledge, business acumen, and a genuine passion for achieving excellence in every project undertaken. His vision for Omega is not just to maintain its standing as a leading demolition contractor but to set new benchmarks in the industry for quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.