John Huege



Equipment & Shop Manager

John, has served as Omega’s Equipment and Shop Manager for the past 25 years, which is a testament to his invaluable contribution to the company. His extensive background as a mechanic, combined with his membership in the local 150 union, underscores his deep-rooted expertise in maintaining large-scale fleet of machines and equipment. John’s wealth of knowledge is a cornerstone in maintaining Omega’s fleet in optimal operational condition.

In his role, John oversees a team of skilled mechanics, proving time and again his leadership abilities. He is not just a manager; he is a leader who can swiftly spring into action, ensuring any task is completed efficiently and in minimal time. His ability to prioritize safety in every aspect of his work aligns perfectly with Omega’s commitment to maintaining a secure work environment.

John’s ability to manage time, prioritize tasks, and his comprehensive understanding of operational and safety protocols make him an indispensable asset to Omega. His leadership and technical expertise not only keep the company’s equipment running smoothly but also significantly contribute to the overall success and safety culture of Omega.