Rhonda Lenzi



Insurance & Bonding Specialist

Rhonda’s journey with Omega spans an impressive 20 years, during which she has been a cornerstone of the company’s evolution and success. Her journey at Omega began in office management, where her organizational skills and keen eye for detail laid the foundation for her diverse career path within the company.

Over the years, Rhonda has adeptly navigated through several key areas, including human resources, where she managed staffing and employee relations with a focus on fostering a positive work environment. In scrap management, she demonstrated her ability to effectively handle and optimize resources, contributing significantly to Omega’s sustainability efforts. Her role in compliance has been pivotal, ensuring that all company practices adhere to industry standards and regulations, thereby maintaining Omega’s reputation for reliability and integrity.

Currently serving as Omega’s bonding and insurance specialist, Rhonda brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this critical role. Her expertise in these areas is not just about managing risks, but also about creating a secure framework for Omega’s ambitious projects. Her work ensures that the company is not only protected but also positioned for stable growth.

Rhonda’s multifaceted contributions reflect her deep commitment to Omega and its mission. Her adaptability, coupled with a rich professional background, has made her an invaluable team member, integral to Omega’s ongoing success and leadership in the demolition industry.