Tamra Chialiva



Accounting Manager

Tamra’s remarkable journey in the construction industry spans over 30 years, highlighted by her specialization in construction accounting. Her tenure at Omega, extending a decade, has been characterized by a profound understanding and meticulous handling of various critical accounting tasks.

Her expertise covers an extensive range of accounting functions, including job costing, where her precision in tracking project expenses has been crucial to Omega’s financial management. Her work with lien waivers showcases her keen attention to legal details in financial transactions, safeguarding the company’s interests.

Tamra’s proficiency also extends to the management of AIA  documents, an essential aspect of construction accounting that involves the standardized contracts and forms in the industry. Her adeptness with these documents ensures that Omega’s contractual and financial engagements are clear, transparent, and compliant with industry norms.

In addition to these skills, Tamra is highly proficient in utilizing advanced accounting software, a trait that enables her to streamline financial processes and reporting at Omega. This proficiency not only enhances the efficiency of Omega’s financial operations but also provides vital insights for strategic decision-making.

As the Accounting Manager at Omega, Tamra’s role is pivotal. Her in-depth accounting expertise, combined with a team-oriented approach, has been invaluable in maintaining the financial health and integrity of the company. Tamra’s contribution goes beyond mere numbers; she is a key player in Omega’s ongoing success and stability in the construction industry.